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Concert d'Oblique aux Théâtre des Feuillants à Dijon
Oblique rouge blanc.png

Oblique is a Dijon symphony orchestra augmented by a rhythm section

L'Orchestre Oblique travaille avec des compositeurs contemporains


We work with contemporary composers. 

L'Orchestre Oblique a des projets surprenants


Varied, surprising, ambitious projects.

L'Orchestre Oblique envoie du gros son


It's time to really mix the genres! 

L'Orchesre Oblique, c'est convivial

40 musicians
and a good atmosphere!

Do you play an instrument and are you ready to get involved?


Shake up habits by approaching orchestral music differently

Oblique is part of current trends and takes part in contemporary creation, with ambitious repertoires, with atypical sounds and little used in orchestral music, thanks to its collaboration with many artists and composers from Burgundy.


Le batteur de l'Orchestre Oblique
Benoit Graindorge, directeur artistique de l'Orchestre Oblique


The conductor

Benoît Graindorge began his oboe studies at the Dijon CRR in 2000. His interest in the "orchestral" instrument quickly led him to diversify: he followed writing and chamber music classes, 

Olivier Urbano, compositeur pour l'Orchestre Oblique

Olivier Urbano

 Bethlehem Cruciatus / My pop song

Born in 1972, Olivier Urbano, began music in 1980 with the musette accordion, then the guitar in several groups. 

They composed for us

PoF est mal cadré, mais il fait exprès

Pierre-Olivier Fernandez

7 pieces for augmented orchestra / Biomes / Cirk Symphonik

Pierre-Olivier began learning the violin at the age of 6 under the coercion of his parents, 

Jérémy Chmielarz, compositeur et guitariste pour l'Orchestre Oblique

Jeremy Chmielarz

Bubbles / The collocation / The colors of the other

Born in Saint Etienne in 1988, Jérémy Chmielarz is a guitarist, composer and teacher. For several years,



Our orchestra has not always been oblique!

Its history is long and winding, here it is:

L'Orchestre Universitaire de Dijon

Dijon University Symphony Orchestra

Logo de l'Orchestre Universitaire de Dijon

Parfaitement, l'OSUD !

Yes, perfectly, OSUD.

Under the direction of Flavien Boy, then Maxime Pitois, we rehearsed on campus, and our ranks were almost exclusively students.

And we were playing the classical repertoire.

Under the impetus of Maxime, we got down to modern creation, with one idea in mind: to cross and mix the arts.

This is how projects like Cirk Symphonik , or Mario Bros & co , etc. were born.

It gradually became the hallmark of the ensemble: the identity of the orchestra was born, it was now necessary to change the name!

The Zic-Zag Ensemble

logo de l'Ensemble Zic-Zag

Decked out with this brand new name, we set out to conquer the world.

Maxime Pitois (whom we warmly greet) leaves to study in Lausanne, the whole is entrusted to the baton of Alexandre Herviant.

We start a big jazz program, on this occasion we add to the whole a bassist (Florian Raimondi) a drummer (Jérôme Roubeau) and a keyboard ( Thomas Loyer )

The rhythm section was born, since then we can not do without it!

L'Ensemble Zic-Zag, orchestre universitaire Dijon
Orchestre Symphonique Universitaire de Dijon

New name, new start!

logo de l'Orchestre Oblique

Alexandre Herviant flies to new horizons (we wish him the best !!)

Benoit Graindorge takes over.

With him we persevere in the idea of playing new, original music.

Oblique is born, long live Oblique!

Come play with us!

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