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La Danse des Sauvages © Loïc Nys

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La Danse des Sauvages

Bal costumé primitif et participatif
11 Mai  18h30
12 mai  17h

Parc des carrières Baquin - Dijon
Prix libre
Restauration, buvette

We give around 4 concerts per year (you can see the dates announced below, otherwise leave us your email and we will keep you posted on the dates to come! 

Thank you for registering, we'll keep you posted!



Maison de Marsannay


Théâtre des Feuillants, Dijon (canceled)

Educational concert, Bellefond (canceled)

Mansart Theater, Dijon (canceled)

Educational concert, Semur-en-Auxois (canceled)

Semur-en-Auxois Theater (canceled)


Brunch des Halles, Dijon
Steam, Dijon
Feuillant Theater, Dijon
Brunch des Halles, Dijon
Street concert, Dijon
St Joseph Church, Dijon
Grand Theater, Dijon
Concert with Bastien LALLEMANT - St Joseph Church, Dijon
Singular Routes, Dijon
Le Cèdre, Chenôve

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